Modern reduction technology for particleboards

Choose the right raw material preparation technology, and your plant’s particleboard production becomes more efficient and profitable. Flake quality is key. It affects the final mechanical board properties. It influences the further processing of raw boards. It reduces the amount of wood raw material and glue required for particleboard production. And it has a significant impact on downstream production steps such as drying, screening, sifting, gluing and pressing.

Based on your specific raw material and required board quality, we optimally match the individual reduction steps: from wood yard, through wet flaking, to surface layer production on the dry side.

MAIER leadership in single reduction machines and complete process design delivers innovative solutions for companies worldwide.

 Your benefits

  • Wide range of input material
  • Perfectly matched reduction steps
  • Optimal board quality at the lowest operating costs
  • High-performance, energy-efficient and robust machines
  • Savings in raw material and glue consumption

MAIER Wood Yard

Effective and flexible handling of all wood assortments

MRE Rotor Debarker
MAIER Rotor Debarker

Efficient continuous debarking of round wood

HRL Trommelhacker
MAIER Drum Chipper

Energy-efficient production of high-quality chips

SMV Schneidrotor
MAIER Rechipper

Effective reduction of waste wood, bark and fibrous raw materials

MRZ / MRZ HS Messerringzerspaner
MAIER Knife Ring Flaker

Energy-efficient production of high-quality flakes

MSF-PB Strand Flaker
MAIER Strand Flaker PB

Production of optimized core layer flakes for improved PB properties

MSZ Schlagzerspaner
MAIER Beating Flaker

Effective processing of chips into quality pin-shaped flakes

MPM Prallstrommühle
MAIER Impact Mill

Production of cubic fine flakes or powder


MPF Prallfiner
MAIER Prallfiner

Processing of soft to medium-hard materials into fine flakes or powder

MBB Maier Board Breaker
MAIER Board Breaker

Reduction of reject panel boards