Turn your production residues into energy

Power plants benefit from our preparation of dust from wood residues that emerge during wood-based panel manufacturing (PB, MDF, OSB, etc.). Wood dust is a low-cost and CO2-neutral fuel and an excellent alternative to natural gas and heating oil. Pellets, wood briquettes and dry and cleaned chips of recycled wood also can be used as input material for dust preparation.

Our solutions in wood residue processing significantly reduce your operating costs, thereby increasing your profitability. This use of green energy also improves the carbon footprint of your plant and helps to avoid possible disposal costs for production waste.

Your benefits

  • Lower costs for heat and energy production
  • Reduced consumption of natural gas or oil by using self-made wood dust
  • Greater volume of residues for the existing combustion systems
  • Smaller carbon footprint for production process
  • Production of wood dust < 1 mm in one step
  • 100% wood dust can be directly used for burner operation
  • Fast return of investment


One-step material reduction to the desired particle size


MPM Prallstrommühle
MAIER Impact Mill

Production of cubic fine flakes or powder

MPF Prallfiner
MAIER Prallfiner

Processing of soft to medium-hard materials into fine flakes or powder