Quality MDF chips are our specialty

The quality of MDF boards is defined by raw material selection. Modern plants no longer use only trunks but also resources such as short-pieced wood, small-diameter plantation wood and various types of residual wood. In the first reduction step, these wood assortments are processed into chips of the appropriate quality, then efficiently and economically defibered via refiner systems. A well-designed wood yard is crucially important.

With your close cooperation, we design tailor-made complete solutions to meet your requirements. We factor in different loading opportunities adapted to the raw material mix, and we focus on intelligently combining conveyors to optimize the guidance and alignment of wood assortments.

When required, we also integrate our efficient debarking and pre-cleaning systems in your production line.

Finally, when your goal is high-quality wood chips at the lowest operating costs, the MAIER drum chipper type HRL is the ideal final component of your wood yard.

Your benefits

  • Robust conveying systems for mechanical storage, dosing and transport of all wood resources
  • Tailor-made and efficient turnkey wood yard solutions
  • Optimal material flow
  • Efficient debarking and pre-cleaning systems
  • Highest chip quality at the lowest operating costs

MAIER Wood Yard

Effective and flexible handling of all wood assortments

HRL Trommelhacker
MAIER Drum Chipper

Energy-efficient production of high-quality chips

SMV Schneidrotor
MAIER Rechipper

Effective reduction of waste wood, bark and fibrous raw materials

MBB Maier Board Breaker
MAIER Board Breaker

Reduction of reject panel boards