OSB with a difference

Industry-leading companies facing cost pressures, need for capacity expansions and the expected shortage of round wood resources turn to MAIER for new ways of strand production. Our unique technology allows the processing of not-yet usable resources such as short-pieced wood, crooked wood and weak wood as raw material for OSB panel production.

In the first stage of our two-stage process, macro chips of 80 to 140 mm length are produced by a special kind of drum chipper type HRL-OSB. In the second stage, these macro chips are cut to high-quality strands by a MAIER Strand Flaker type MSF.

Boards made of MAIER strands meet the quality standards of up to OSB-4 and have optical and mechanical properties comparable to conventionally produced OSB.

Your benefits

  • Use of not-yet usable and cheap raw material assortments
  • Capacity extension of existing plants
  • New OSB plants with capacities starting from 50 m³ per day
  • Modular capacity increases similar to PB plants
  • Board quality up to OSB-4

MAIER Wood Yard

Effective and flexible handling of all wood assortments

MRE Rotor Debarker
MAIER Rotor Debarker

Efficient continuous debarking of round wood

HRL Trommelhacker
MAIER Drum Chipper

Energy-efficient production of high-quality chips

SMV Schneidrotor
MAIER Rechipper

Effective reduction of waste wood, bark and fibrous raw materials

MSF Strand Flaker
MAIER Strand Flaker OSB

Production of quality strands from maxi-chips of green / cleaned recycling wood

MBB Maier Board Breaker
MAIER Board Breaker

Reduction of reject panel boards