Energy-efficient pelletizing

The flexible use of raw material resources and cost-efficient production processes drive economical pellet manufacturing. Material preparation plays a key role in pelletizing.

We individually adapt our equipment and services to your production conditions and requirements. This enables us to offer optimal, proven solutions for the entire wood reduction process, starting in the wood yard and ending with the preparation of flakes that are directly suitable for pelletizing.

Your benefits

  • Tailor-made process solutions
  • Free choice of wood assortments
  • Energy- and cost-efficient machine technique 
  • Homogeneous final fraction

Wood yard

Effective and flexible handling of all wood assortments

MRE Rotor Debarker
MRE Rotor Debarker

Efficient continuous debarking of round wood

HRL Trommelhacker
HRL Drum Chipper

Energy-efficient production of high-quality chips

MRZ / MRZ HS Messerringzerspaner
MRZ / MRZ HS Knife Ring Flaker

Energy-efficient production of high-quality flakes

MSZ Schlagzerspaner
MSZ Beating Flaker

Effective processing of chips into quality pin-shaped flakes



One-step material reduction to the desired particle size


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