MAIER Drum Chipper - HRL


  • Panel boards (PB, MDF, OSB)
  • Biomass and renewable fuels
  • Pellets and briquettes
  • Pulp and paper


The MAIER Drum Chipper HRL is a tried-and-trusted solution for the production of high-quality chips from different wood assortments. The material is gripped horizontally by specially toothed infeed rollers and continuously fed to the chipping rotor. The knives of the rotor cut the material to the required chip length. The chipped material passes an individually adapted refractioning grid.

Customer benefits

  • Free choice of wood assortment: round wood, log ends, slabs and offcuts, veneer residues or waste wood
  • Capacities up to 190 t/h b.d.
  • Constant high chip quality; chip length of 4 – 180 mm possible
  • Special machine solutions for production of micro, maxi and biomass chips
  • Robust, long-term reliable, low operation costs due to simplified maintenance
  • Energy-efficient size reduction

Technical features

  • Aggressive shaped infeed rollers with narrow running gaps
  • Chipping rotor with slewable knife clamping plates for quick and easy knives exchange
  • Regrindable wear plates under the chipping knives
  • Counter knife screw-fastened, regrindable, once turnable
  • Wear-resistant refractioning grid individually perforated
  • Essential parts of the machine are wear-protected and exchangeable

Technical data

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