Wood yard

Wood yard – the basis of your plant

Wood is a renewable resource and the basis for producing wood-based panels, cellulose and paper, pellets and numerous other products.

Due to regional climate differences, raw material scarcity and increasing cost pressures, substitutes for classic round wood in the production of wood-based products are increasingly viable.

Modern wood yards equipped with the MAIER Drum Chipper provide optimal plant flexibility. Our proven drum chipper serves as the ideal first reduction stage for a variety of wood assortments.  

High-quality chips are the result. This intermediate bulk product can be used fully automatically and reliably for subsequent processes in the production of PB, MDF and OSB boards, as well as pellets and cellulose products. Depending on the application, functions such as debarking and cleaning can supplement loading and conveying.

MAIER reliably supports you from project planning to implementation and far beyond. Together with you, we develop efficient, turnkey wood yard solutions that meet your requirements. Precise matching of individual components enables optimal performance of the plant, while robust machines designed for 24/7 work ensure maximum availability and low operating costs.

You can trust in our years of experience supported by numerous references worldwide.

SCC Storage Cross Chain Conveyor
MAIER Storage Cross Chain Conveyor

Storing, separation and conveying of round wood and slab bundles

DPC Dumping Pit Chain Scraper
MAIER Dumping Pit Chain Scraper

Direct loading, buffering and equalized conveying of wooden bulk materials

VFC Vibration Feeding Conveyor
MAIER Vibration Feeding Conveyor

Continuous dosed conveying of different bulk materials

VDT Vibration Dosing Table
MAIER Vibration Dosing Table

Buffering and equalizing of bulk material flow

FBC Feeding Belt Conveyor
MAIER Feeding Belt Conveyor

Continuous transport of logs and other wood assortments

SPC Steel Plate Conveyor
MAIER Steel Plate Conveyor

Continuous transport of heavy-weight logs and other materials

CBC Chain Bed Conveyor
MAIER Chain Bed Conveyor

Continuous transport of heavy-weight logs and other materials

RS Cleaning Zone
MAIER Cleaning Zone

Separation of loose bark and other impurities from logs or slab bundles

MRE Rotor Debarker
MAIER Rotor Debarker

Efficient continuous debarking of round wood