Size reduction

Reduction technology for all wood assortments

MAIER machines enable energy-efficient processing of freely selectable raw materials. You gain a significant competitive advantage due to cost-optimized production of wood-based panels and pellets, for example.

That benefit applies to both our single machines and entire plants. This is possible due to our extensive know-how of material flow and behavior combined with our advanced and innovative machine techniques.

With robust MAIER machines, all wood assortments—from logs to recycled wood—are reliably size-reduced and optimally prepared for further use.

HRL Trommelhacker
HRL Drum Chipper

Energy-efficient production of high-quality chips

SMV Schneidrotor
SMV Cutting Rotor / Rechipper

Effective reduction of waste wood, bark and fibrous raw materials

MGB Großbrecher
MGB Big Crusher

Reduction of large-volume and bulky wooden materials

SRH Schlagrotor
SRH Beating Rotor

Production of chips from recycling materials and brittle wooden residues

SRV Schlagrotor
SRV Beating Rotor

Cost-effective chip production from pre-crushed recycling materials


One-step material reduction to the desired particle size

MSZ Schlagzerspaner
MSZ Beating Flaker

Effective processing of chips into quality pin-shaped flakes

MRZ / MRZ HS Messerringzerspaner
MRZ / MRZ HS Knife Ring Flaker

Energy-efficient production of high-quality flakes

MSF Strand Flaker
MSF Strand Flaker

Production of quality strands from maxi-chips of green / cleaned recycling wood

MSF-PB Strand Flaker
MSF-PB Strand Flaker

Production of optimized core layer flakes for improved PB properties

MRM Messerringreinigungsmaschine
MRM Knife Ring Cleaning Machine

Economical and environment-friendly cleaning of flaker knife rings

Knife Ring Maintenance Center
Knife Ring Maintenance Center

Precise regrinding and adjusting of knives

MPF Prallfiner
MPF Prallfiner

Processing of soft to medium-hard materials into fine flakes or powder

MPM Prallstrommühle
MPM Impact Mill

Production of cubic fine flakes or powder

MBB Maier Board Breaker
MBB Board Breaker

Reduction of reject panel boards