Waste wood

Create new value

Using waste wood for material and energy recovery is increasingly important worldwide. Recycled wood is a valuable raw material for the wood-based material industry. Using it can reduce wood purchase costs and minimize dryer energy consumption, leading to higher plant profitability.

Treated, contaminated recycled wood, meanwhile, is well-suited for the cost-effective production of energy.

Reutilization of waste wood requires preparation in keeping with the output material requirements and intended application. MAIER supplies customized single stage or multistage size-reduction solutions that reflect our decades of experience and numerous production line implementations. Along with Dieffenbacher we provide state-of-the-art plant concepts that include cleaning, drying, screening and separation, as well as burner systems and extraction technique.

Your benefits

  • Customized recycling plants with single stage or multistage size reduction
  • Robust and reliable size-reduction technology
  • Utilization of different raw materials
  • Secondary raw materials for further processing in PB, MDF and OSB
  • Biofuel for thermal utilization

MAIER Wood Yard

Effective and flexible handling of all wood assortments

MGB Großbrecher
MAIER Big Crusher

Reduction of large-volume and bulky wooden materials

SRH Schlagrotor
MAIER Beating Rotor horizontal

Production of chips from recycling materials and brittle wooden residues

SRV Schlagrotor
MAIER Beating Rotor vertical

Cost-effective chip production from pre-crushed recycling materials


One-step material reduction to the desired particle size

MSZ Schlagzerspaner
MAIER Beating Flaker

Effective processing of chips into quality pin-shaped flakes