MAIER Beating Rotor horizontal - SRH


  • Combustion (energy from waste)
  • Recycling
  • Panel boards (PB, MDF, OSB)


The MAIER Beating Rotor SRH is a reliable machine for the production of chips from recycled materials and brittle residues.

The material is gripped horizontally by special toothed infeed rollers and crushed with high kinetic energy between the fast rotating heavy beaters and the counter-knife. The crushed material is further homogenized to the required size at the refractioning grid.

Customer benefits

  • Wide range of input material from industrial waste wood, pallets, reclaimed timber to saw mill residues or pre-sorted recyclables
  • Output material size individually adjustable
  • Energy-efficient size reduction
  • Insensitive to impurities
  • Essential parts of the machine are wear-protected and easily exchangeable

Technical features

  • Aggressively shaped infeed rollers with narrow running gaps
  • Pendulum mounted heavy beaters, individually adapted, once turnable
  • Rotor beaters and beater axes mounted in bushings
  • Counter knife screw-fastened, regrindable, once turnable
  • Wear-resistant refractioning grid, perforation individually adapted

Technical data

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