MAIER Strand Flaker OSB  -    MSF


OSB-, SSB- and other panel applications


The MAIER Strand Flaker OSB enables the energy-efficient continuous production of high-quality strands for OSB from greenwood and pre-cleaned recycling maxi-chips.

After passing the vibration conveyor, the permanent magnet drum and the infeed hopper, the maxi-chips are guided by the heavy-duty rotor to the knives of the static knife ring and cut into uniform flat strands.

Customer benefits

  • High-quality OSB by using maxi-chips from low-cost wood assortments (cripple wood, pre-cleaned recycling wood, etc.)
  • Energy efficient strand-flaking
  • Fast and easy knife ring exchange
  • High machine availability
  • Cost-efficient solution to enter OSB markets and to increase existing production capacities gradually

Technical features

  • Processing of maxi-chips (80 – 140 mm)
  • Adjustable strand thickness
  • Optimized strand discharge channel and knife-holder geometry
  • Rotor and knife ring specially designed for optimal material distribution and strand quality
  • Static reinforced knife ring with optimized number of knives

Technical data

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