MAIER Prallfiner - MPF


  • Surface layer production in particle board industry
  • Preparation of filling and insulation material
  • Preparation of fuel for thermal utilization
  • Animal food and bedding


The MAIER Prallfiner MPF enables the continuous processing of soft to medium-hard materials into slim fine flakes or wooden powder.

After passing the vibration conveyor, the permanent magnet drum and the Heavy Particle Separator the material is fed from the rear side into the grinding chamber, where it is milled between the rotor beater ledges and the grinding track.

The final product is pneumatically discharged through the door.

Customer benefits

  • Wide range of input materials like pre-sized wood, annual plants, pellets, grain and inorganic materials
  • Production of mainly slim finest flakes, wood powder or dust
  • Dry or humid input material
  • Degree of fineness adjustable by baffle plate, rotor speed and air extraction volume (bypass-valve)
  • Low maintenance and service-friendly
  • Onfloor installation; pneumatic product discharge through the door

Technical features

  • Grinding track segments and their configuration adaptable to the input material
  • Wear-resistant, clamped and easily exchangeable grinding track segments
  • Complete grinding ring easily removable
  • Divided beater ledges for selective exchange of worn parts
  • Maintenance opening in casing for easy exchange of the rotor beater ledges
  • Insensitive to impurities, no screens

Technical data

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