MAIER Storage Cross Chain Conveyor - SCC


  • Panel boards (PB, MDF, OSB)
  • Biomass and renewable fuels
  • Pellets and briquettes
  • Pulp and paper


The MAIER Storage Cross Chain Conveyor SCC enables storing and conveying of round wood and slabs, loaded by crane. The conveyor is executed with a closed bottom plate, integrated side wall and driven chains. Different singularizers can be mounted downstream from the SCC:

  • Log Singularizer LS separates logs by inclined installation and increased conveying speed.
  • Slab Bundle Singularizer SBS is executed as a movable table beneath the SCC. The bundles can easily be opened in extended table position. The loose slabs are fed to the line by retracting the table.

Customer benefits

  • High storage volume
  • Effective dosed conveying of round wood and slabs
  • Designed for challenging conditions and heavy-duty loads
  • Solid and reliable execution, low maintenance
  • Working speed freely adjustable by frequency converter

Technical features

  • Number of chains can be adapted to material length
  • Heavy-duty chains with reinforced carriers guided in U-shaped beams with integrated wear protection
  • Driven via shaft-mounted gear motor, incl. torque support
  • Execution with right or left guiding wall available
  • Reverse operation (optional)