MAIER Beating Flaker - MSZ


  • Particle boards
  • Recycling
  • Pellets and briquettes
  • Cement-bonded particle boards
  • Pulp and paper
  • Animal bedding
  • Combustion (energy from waste)


The MAIER Beating Flaker MSZ is a tried-and-trusted heavy duty machine for effective processing of dry and wet wooden chips, shavings, pellets and renewable materials into slim quality flakes.

After passing the vibration conveyor, the permanent magnet drum and the heavy particle separator, the material is milled and classified between the beaters of the fast rotating rotor and the alternately arranged grinding tracks and screens.

Customer benefits

  • Individually adjustable fineness of final product, narrow particle size distribution
  • Robust machine design, insensitive to impurities
  • Easy and quick exchange of grinding tracks, screens and beaters
  • Low wear and maintenance costs due to reverse operation, service-friendly
  • High machine availability

Technical features

  • Individually adapted screens and grinding tracks
  • Pendulum mounted highly wear-resistant beaters that swivel in case of overload (machine protection)
  • Easy exchange of rotor beaters and beater axes due to quick-change system
  • Grinding tracks in segmented execution
  • MSZ 1600 with hydraulic system for easier maintenance of screens and grinding tracks

Technical data

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