MAIER Strand Flaker PB  -      MSF-PB


  • Particleboards


The MAIER Strand Flaker PB processes the macro-chips of various wood assortments into slender flakes, which enable reduction of particleboard density by maintaining the same mechanical board properties. These flakes are characterized by special geometry and defined optimal slenderness ratio.

After passing the vibration conveyor, the permanent magnet drum and the heavy particle separator, the macro-chips are distributed in three dimensions (3D) across all areas of the flaking chamber by the unique FlowOptimizer. Finally, the specially designed rotor guides the macro-chips to the knives of the adapted static knife ring, where they are reliably cut into the required slender flakes.

Customer benefits

  • High-quality particleboards with lower density by maintaining the same mechanical board properties as conventional
  • Reliable production of homogeneous slender flakes
  • Optimal homogenous use of the complete knife ring width and circumference due to unique FlowOptimizer
  • Essential parts of the machine wear-protected and easy exchangeable; high machine availability
  • Cost-efficient production process

Technical features

  • Special rotor and knife ring design for receipt of required slender flakes
  • Optimized cutting conditions due to narrow gap between static knife ring and rotor with precise bearing system, operating on one-shaft principle
  • Unique FlowOptimizer technology for improved 3D material distribution
  • Casing geometry adapted for required application
  • Adjustable flake thickness

Technical data

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MAIER FlowOptimizer  –          3D-feeding of knife ring flakers