MAIER Knife Ring Cleaning Machine - MRM


All industries using Knife Ring Flakers (MRZ/MRZ HS) and MSF Strand Flakers


The MAIER Knife Ring Cleaning Machine MRM is an automated system for economical and environment-friendly cleaning of all common flaker knife rings. The machine includes the ring removal and rotating device, as well as the high-pressure cleaning and drying system.

Customer benefits

  • Highly efficient cleaning
  • Easy, safe and clean maintenance of knife rings
  • Reduction of maintenance time and operating costs
  • Closed machine cabin for clean operation
  • Installation without foundation possible

Technical features

  • High-pressure nozzles for optimal cleaning
  • Uniform cleaning due to the rotating knife ring
  • Short ring cleaning time
  • Cleaning program adjustable by PLC control
  • Integrated drying system

Technical data

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