MBB Board Breaker


  • Panel boards (PB, MDF, OSB)


The MBB Board Breaker is an effective inline solution for the reduction of rejected panel boards, as well as front and end panel offcuts.

The material is horizontally fed between the lower guide rollers and swiveling upper infeed roller to the rotating rotor with aggressive crushing tools. The crushed material is further homogenized by an individually adapted refractioning grid.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable crushing of reject panel boards of variable size and thickness
  • Adjustable output material size
  • Robust, long-term reliable, low operation costs due to simplified maintenance
  • Essential parts of machine are wear-protected and exchangeable
  • Energy-efficient board crushing

Technical features

  • Reliable forced material feeding via hydraulically movable swiveling infeed roller with integrated toothed segments
  • Toothed segments of upper infeed roller and lower guide rollers are divided for easy exchange
  • Robust welded casing with heavy-duty spherical roller bearings
  • Wear-resistant reusable crushing tools evenly screwed at the rotor circumference; easy exchangeable
  • Individually perforated refractioning grid; multiple segments for easy exchange