Sifting Table - MVS


  • Panel boards (e.g. cleaning of fines for surface layer)
  • WPC/ WFC
  • Pellets
  • Combustion (energy from waste)
  • Cleaning of grain


The Sifting Table MVS enables effective cleaning of dry or semi-moist finely ground material from minerals, heavy impurities, dust and foils.

The material is fed from above. The light fraction is separated by air flow, blown from underneath of the inclined screen into the lower discharge. The heavy particles are moved to the upper discharge by vibration of the screen. The dust and foils are sucked into a cyclone.

Customer benefits

  • High cleaning efficiency of flakes and fines, e.g. for combustion (energy from waste)
  • Separation of heavy particles from rejects after CL or SL wind sifters
  • Pre-cleaning of fines for more effective combustion and lower combustion chamber maintenance
  • Fast return on investment by gaining additional raw material for production or burning
  • Low operation and maintenance costs, low energy consumption

Technical features

  • Fraction separation on the basis of different specific weights
  • Numerous adjustment possibilities like screen inclination and perforation, vibration frequency and amplitude, air volume and speed
  • Easy exchange and cleaning of the screen
  • Recirculating air operation or aspiration
  • Dust-free operation due to closed casing