Dieffenbacher - Our values

Family tradition

We are an independent family company that has stood for continuity, tradition and reliability towards its customers, associates and society as a whole for over 140 years.


The customer is at the center of our operations. We develop our products and services according to the requirements of our customers, giving both them and us a competitive advantage.


Our innovations in technologies, products, services and processes secure the future of the company and enable market and customer requirements to be implemented quickly and flexibly into complex solutions.


Our associates are the most important foundation of our company's success and we shall support and further develop them accordingly. We wish to attract qualified, performance-oriented associates from around the world. We respect their values and cultures and do not tolerate any form of discrimination.


Our sustained profitable growth protects and increases the capital invested to ensure the independence of the company.


We are committed to the sustainable management of the environment and compliance with ethical standards. We are committed to a level competitive playing field and we respect international and national laws.


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