19.06.2024 Novopan del Ecuador orders energy plant from DIEFFENBACHER

Scope of supply also includes MAIER Big Crusher and Rechipper DIEFFENBACHER has received an order from Quito-based particleboard manufacturer...
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13.07.2023 MAIER chipping line for processing date palm fronds in unique DIEFFENBACHER MDF plant

Collaboration with National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) and WESER Industrie- und Anlagentechnik GmbH German companies WESER Industrie-...
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22.06.2023 DIEFFENBACHER MDF plant for Greenpanel extended with MAIER chipping line

Third MDF line from DIEFFENBACHER is scheduled to begin operating in summer 2024 Indian MDF pioneer Greenpanel Industries Ltd. has ordered from...
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05.11.2018 Acceptance of second ClassiSizers by Biosyl

Biosyl, a leader in the field of renewable energy from biomass and the production of wood pellets in France, has accepted its second ClassiSizer from...
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05.11.2018 New solution for 3-D feeding of knife ring flakers

Inhomogeneous material distribution is a well-known problem of all knife ring flakers currently on the market. The material often impacts the knives...
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05.11.2018 Two new wood yard orders

Maier had a great start to 2018. The Bielefeld-based Dieffenbacher subsidiary received two orders for complete chipper lines and wood yards in the...
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05.11.2018 Best seller: The FlowOptimizer

The FlowOptimizer is a special distribution rotor integrated into the flaking chamber of a knife ring flaker, enabling “3D distribution”...
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05.11.2018 Design award for new knife ring flaker

The MAIER MRZ knife ring flaker is the first collaborative design project of Dieffenbacher’s Wood Business Unit and the Tübingen design...
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05.11.2018 Optimized Flakes Improve Board Properties

Thailand-based Vanachai Group is one of the leading particleboard and MDF producers in Asia. Every year, the company processes about 3,000,000 t of...
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