The next level of plant efficiency

MAIER is an innovator. We continuously refine and improve our size-reduction machines, individual assembly units and components.

Our optimizations and innovations are focused on increasing the efficiency of your machinery to create a competitive advantage for your plant. That advantage can be manifested in many ways: energy savings, lower operating costs through maintenance and wear reduction, optimization of throughput or output material quality, and even intelligent-machine management.

As recognized experts in the field of size-reduction technology, we apply our retrofits  not only to MAIER machines but also to other brands of machinery. We welcome your inquiries about  individual retrofit solutions. We can support you across all retrofit stages, ranging from feasibility analyses through ROI calculations to implementation and validation.

Your benefits

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Optimization of machine and plant efficiency
  • Production capacity increases and product quality improvements


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FlowOptimizer – 3D-feeding of knife ring flakers